Third Steps

Level 3         (about six months; ongoing)

Target:  Client has experience with Customer Service / Customer Experience Management and has completed Level 2 with measurable changes and improvement in the Customer Experience and in business results. Client is developing “Buyer Personas” for purposes of targeting. Client is actively tracking and acting on VOC and NPS data. Client has mapped Cycle of Service and detailed both Customer and Brand expectations for key Moments of Truth.

Evaluation Actions(to assess progress and identify key opportunities for improvement)

  • Site Survey and Evaluationleaf burning
  • Employee Survey and Evaluation
  • Customer Interviews
  • Customer Focus Group(s)
  • Owner(s) Interviews
  • Evaluate selected Buyer Personas


  • “Plus/Delta” Report on Customer Service / Customer Experience
  • “Plus/Delta” Report on Employee Experience / Loyalty
  • Evaluate “Bug List”, VOC and NPS progress
  • Evaluate Cycle of Service and MOT mapping and analysis progress
  • Impact Analysis (business volume; Customer loyalty; financial; employees)

Improvement Actions:

  • Eliminate any remaining (or newly discovered) “Customer Bugs”
  • Improve Customer Loyalty (NPS)
  • Improve Employee Loyalty (NPS/Employees)
  • Review the “Business Case” for Customer Service / Customer Experience Management

Next Steps:

  • Introduce Business Process Management
  • Introduce Business Process Mapping
  • Monitor and improve Cycle of Service / MOT improvement
  • Monitor Kano Model use; verify/validate categories; use to prioritize improvement investments and initiatives
  • Monitor and improve VOC and NPS; use them to drive continuous improvementimages
  • Monitor and improve VOE and NPS/Employees to grow Employee loyalty and engagement
  • Evaluate and report on financial impact, Customer loyalty, Employee loyalty
  • Introduce Business Improvement Tools and Methods as needed
  • Ongoing Client consultation, support and training as needed