Second Steps

Level 2         (about four to six months minimum)

Target:  Client has some experience with Customer Service / Customer Experience Management and has completed Level 1 with measurable changes and improvement in the Customer Experience and in business results. Client is actively tracking and acting on VOC and NPS data. Noticeable progress toward Brand Image alignment and congruity.

Evaluation Actions(to assess progress, identify opportunities for improvement)

  • Site Survey and Evaluationunhappy-customers.jpgw710
  • Employee Interviews
  • Owner(s) Interviews
  • Customer Interviews
  • Customer Focus Group(s)
  • Evaluate Alignment and Congruity with Brand Image


  • “Plus/Delta” Report on Customer Service / Customer Experience
  • Evaluate “Bug List”, VOC and NPS progress
  • Impact Analysis

Improvement Actions:

  • Harvest “low-hanging fruit” (continue as needed)
  • Eliminate any remaining (or newly discovered) “Customer Bugs”
  • Strengthen VOC and NPS process, procedures and use
  • Review the “Business Case” for Customer Service / Customer Experience Management

Transition / Next Steps:

  • Introduce Employee VOE (Voice of Employees) and NPSChecklist Blue
  • Introduce segmentation and “Buyer Personas”
  • Understand the Customer’s Journey
  • Introduce Moments of Truth (MOT) (Touchpoints) and MOT Analysis
  • Introduce Cycle of Service Analysis
    • Map Cycle of Service
    • Prioritize MOTs for action
    • Profile key MOTs
    • Describe improvement actions
  • Introduce Kano Model and applications
    • Identify “Must Have”, Linear, Neutral and Delighter elements
    • Evaluate each; identify opportunities and priorities
  • Introduce Business Improvement Tools and Methods as needed
  • Ongoing Client consultation, support and training as needed