Moments of Truth

Moment of Truth – any interaction between a Customer and your Company

Touchpoints –

Every interaction creates a personal reaction. Experiences should be designed for individuals, not “Customers”. Tune in to WIIFM (What’s In It For Me?)

3 Levels of Service

  1. Processing – done TO you (any time there’s a line)
  2. Service – Responsive, customized attention
  3. Experience – Creates a memory / includes a positive emotional response

Anticipate Needs – Prepare for predictable questions

  • Clarify the question – listen to discover the “real” question
  • Validate the question and the questioner
  • Respond to the “real” question
  • “Plus” it

Example:  The most frequently asked question at Disney World: “What time is the three o’clock parade?”

This question really wants to know: “What time does the three o’clock parade arrive at this location?”