Meeting Ground Rules

Meeting Ground Rules / Code of Conduct

Team meetings are often more effective when members adopt and agree to abide by “ground rules” which cover both individual and group conduct.  Here are some which have been used effectively by others.

  • The meeting place is a “safe zone.”
  • We’re all on the same side.
  • There is no rank in the room.
  • Maintain confidentiality as appropriate.
  • Everyone participates — no one dominates.
  • Everyone helps the group stay on track.
  • One speaker at a time. (Avoid side conversations.)
  • Listen actively and objectively.
  • Give freely of your experience.
  • Keep an open mind.
  • Meet each other with a fresh perspective of who we are.
  • Spealing duzn’te kounte.  (A special rule for scribes…)
  • Decisions by consensus. “Consensus” means that all members can support the proposal; no one actively opposes it.
  • Have fun!  Enjoy the time and experience.
  • Breaks — we will try to take breaks on time and resume on time.
  • Avoid interruptions from outside* (phone calls, for example). And turn off all electronic communication devices.
  • Rotate routine chores (scribe, timekeeper, or reporter for example).
  • Observe basic courtesy: appropriate language, jargon, expression of disagreement.
  • Use only appropriate humor.

* The “100-mile rule” is often used here: No one should be called from the meeting unless it is so important that the disruption would occur even if the meeting were 100 miles away from the workplace.