Improvement Statement


An improvement statement is defined as: “A written statement describing the work, the customer, the requirement and a statement for improvement.” The statement provides a focal point for group efforts. This definition covers the following key points:

  • The statement is written and visible at meetings.
  • No causes, solutions, or effects are implied in the statement.
  • A desired state for improvement is identified.


  1. Identify the work activity being preformed.
  2. Identify the customer or user of the work activity.
  3. Identify the valid requirement for that work activity.
  4. Identify the desired state for improvement.
  5. Write the improvement statement.

Hints and Cautions

  • An improvement statement does not have to be a complete sentence.  However, each of the elements listed must be clearly identified.  Don’t waste time arguing over words and sentence structure.
  • A desired state could be to meet a requirement that is being missed or meet a requirement with less resources.


An Improvement Statement focuses the group on its goal and creates a common understanding among the group members.


Work                     Answer Customer questions by phone
Customer            Electricity Customer
Requirement     Average wait time less than 3 minutes
Improvement    Reduce average wait time to 3 minutes or less

Or a statement could look like the following:

“Our goal is to reduce the average time a Customer must wait before he/she is helped below the 3 minute requirement.”