First Steps

It is always important to have a good beginning. There will be uncertainty, confusion, and some general expectations.
The First Steps will begin where you are now, introduce key concepts and approaches, and launch the growth process.

Level 1         (about two to four months)Blocks ABC

Target:  Client is new to Customer Service / Customer Experience Management

Evaluation Actions(to establish baseline “as-is” measurement point)

  • Site Survey and Evaluation
  • Employee Interviews
  • Owner(s) Interviews
  • Customer Interviews
  • Customer Focus Group(s)
  • Supplier/Vendor Interviews
  • Review and Evaluate Marketing Materials
  • Evaluate Alignment and Congruity with Brand Image
  • Review and Evaluate Website


  • “As Is” Report on Customer Service / Customer Experience
  • Customer “Bug List”
  • Brand Image alignment issues
  • Establish and verify the “Business Case” for Customer Service / Customer Experience Management (costs, benefits, risks)

Improvement Actions:investing-4_3_r536_c534

  • Harvest “low-hanging fruit” (fix the easy stuff)
  • Eliminate “Customer Bugs”
  • Maximize “Do Well’s”
  • Work toward Brand image alignment and congruity

Transition / Next Steps:

  • Introduce Voice of the Customer (VOC)
  • Introduce Net Promoter Score (NPS)
  • Introduce Lifetime Customer Value
  • Introduce Business Improvement Tools and Methods as needed
  • Ongoing Client consultation, support and training as needed