E T D B W – Easy To Do Business With (Are you driving your Customers crazy?)

Work to minimize Customer Effort – From the Customer’s standpoint, doing business with you should be as effortless and inexpensive as possible. Product price is only part of your Customer’s total cost.

Watch out for these signs, most are our own doing:

  • Repetitive procedures
  • Multitude of documents
  • Questions you already know the answers to
  • Customer run-around
  • “It’s company policy”

E T D B W Tips

  • Present a single face to your Customers – not sales, Customer service accounts, etc. – just your Company
  • Work in different ways for different customers –  one size does not fit all!
  • Know what your Customers really want and anticipate their needs – if a Customer buys x will she also need y?
  • Let your Customers do more for themselves – let them input their own orders, check progress…