Business Case

The Business Case for delivering a consistently remarkable Customer Experience is conclusive.

Dozens of research studies across virtually all industries over decades have produced conclusive results: Providing remarkable Customer Service is a winner in all cases.Nest Egg with large bills

  • Increased Loyalty — Satisfied Customers are significantly more likely to come back to do business with you in the future.
  • Close Rates — Companies that win high Customer satisfaction during the sales experience sell to a higher percentage of shoppers.
  • Word of Mouth — Satisfied Customers not only solicit others to do business with you, but their opinions carry more weight than all your company’s advertising combined.
  • Price Premiums — Consumers will routinely pay a higher price to do business with companies that have a reputation for high quality and great Customer service.
  • Lower Operating Costs — High-satisfaction companies have lower warranty expenses and spend less on service recovery in general.

Conclusion: There is an inescapable connection between high levels of Customer satisfaction and increased shareholder value in both the long run and in the short term.

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